Plein Air Festival Judge

“The living Bongart” says Dr. Janos Herczeg, Professor Emeritus at University of Szeged, Hungary, refering to Guido Frick.  After searching for years, Herczeg found an artist, and student of Sergei Bongart, who could “grasp the essence of Bongart’s painting philosophy and his real secrets.”

Guido Frick, born in Konstanz, Germany, Frick was privileged to study under the Russian Master and become a close friend as well.

Frick’s bold approach to oil painting captures a mood in brilliant colors, vibrant, vigorous brushstrokes, richly colored and emotionally expressive landscapes, and controlled relationships extolling the virtues of “color first, subject last.”

Frick says, “To learn how to paint means to learn how to see.”