Suggested Painting Locations

Please use the interactive google map below to find several interesting painting spots noted below. Click “view larger map” then type in an address for map locations. You may paint anywhere you wish in Morro Bay or its environs, below are only suggestions.

(Addresses utilized below are in close proximity and may not be the exact address.)

  • State Park Boardwalk & Marina Area – 10 State Road. Morro Bay
  • Tidelands Park – South end of Embarcadero, Morro Bay
  • South Street just above Tidelands Park – 493 Morro Ave, Morro Bay
  • Main Street (Art Center Morro Bay) – 835 Main St. Morro Bay
  • Coleman Park – 101 Colman Dr. Morro Bay
  • Montana De Oro – Montana De Oro State Park, Los Osos
  • Cayucos – Near 781 N. Ocean Ave, Cayucos (Sunken ship and bluffs area)
  • Harmony – 3255 Harmony Valley Rd, Harmony
  • Edna Valley – 5828 Orcutt Rd, San Luis Obispo
  • SLO Botanical Garden – 3450 Dairy Creek Rd., San Luis Opispo

Pictures of the Suggested Painting Areas: